Daily Diary

The Daily Diary will retire on 31 December 2022.

The Daily Diary tag offers the most sensors among Wildlife Computers archival tags. These additional sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, and speed) allow for an expanding field of applications, including three-dimensional track reconstruction and energetic inference. The user can choose to sample the three-axis accelerometer up to 32 Hz, and the three-axis magnetometer up to 8 Hz. This tag also includes the standard archival sensors for depth, temperature, and light level.



We use the name “Daily Diary” (TDR10-Daily Diary, or TDR10-DD) for this tag with permission from, and to acknowledge our collaboration with Dr. Rory Wilson. The TDR10-DD tag incorporates our standard depth, temperature, and light-level sensors, plus additional motion and attitude sensors.

The additional sensors can be used to estimate a range of behavioral characteristics. The accelerometer can be used to differentiate between movement and resting behavior, and can also be used to identify foraging events. Orientation and body position can also be derived by combining attitudinal information (tilt and roll) from the accelerometer with magnetometer readings. Combining changes in depth with the paddle wheel speed measurements will also allow the derivation of the horizontal and vertical components of the animal’s swimming speed.

Available Data Products


  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Wet/Dry
  • Acceleration 3-Axis
  • Magnetic Field
  • Speed
Daily Diary
Data gathered using the Daily Diary
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