Payload Recovery Device



346 g

117 x 83 x 28

Key Benefits

Tags aren’t just for animals. Tag your equipment too!

Asset recovery tags are deployed in syntactic foam floats that carry cameras and/or accelerometer packages. They are optimized for transmissions when the antenna is vertical above the waterline. All of our asset recovery tags incorporate a pinger that can be activated to transmit a short pulse for fine-scale locating using a UHF handheld antenna and receiver.

Our Payload Recovery Devices can also be used to recover valuable equipment. We have two types available, one for pinnipeds and one for fish.

Designed for pinnipeds, the PRD-RP (Payload Recovery Device-Remote Pinniped) can survive onshore abuse and depths up to 2,000 meters. There are many ways to find the device including Argos locations, a strobe light, or a UHF beacon. The PRD-RP can be used multiple times so the same valuable payload can be used again right away. The PRD-RP is the only commercially available release system suitable for deployments on seals, sea lions, and fur seals. As a bonus, there are no shipping restrictions with the device, unlike other squib-style release mechanisms.

Key Benefits of the PRD-RP

  • Remote release—radio-triggered release from over 200 meters.
  • On-demand—the researcher initiates the release.
  • Rugged—can withstand the abuse of large animals on the rookery.
  • Multi-use—field refurbishment allows for multiple deployments.
  • Recovery aids—Argos locations, UHF radio beacon, and strobe light.
  • Generic payload platform—any device can be carried, limited only by size.
  • Pressure rated—can survive up to 2,000 meters.
  • Shippable—no shipping restrictions.
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