Activity Time Series

Activity Time Series (ATS) is a data product available on the Wildlife Computers MiniPAT.ATS

The ATS data product is designed to provide a transmittable metric of activity. ATS is derived from a filtered proxy for ODBA using 10Hz acceleration data. Coupled with other data products on the MiniPAT, ATS provides a powerful tool for studying behavior on free-ranging animals.

ATS will calculate the number of active events that occur during the user-specified time series interval (75 to 600 sec). Active events are counted if the movement of the animal is above the normal range as measured over a much longer interval (1 to 8 hours). Baseline activity level is also provided so that activity over the whole deployment can be compared. ATS provides an effective means of remotely measuring animal activity of both extreme events and general levels of activity on a free-ranging fish. You can pair ATS with light-level geolocation tracks, depth time series, and temperature time series to investigate when and where important behaviors occur.

When setting up a new MiniPAT in the Wildlife Computers Data Portal, users simply click a button to easily enable Time Series Messages.

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