Which Tag is Right For Your Project

Not sure which tag is best for your study? Start by considering the following:

  • What data are desired? Your study objectives and research goals will dictate what technology and sampling parameters are most appropriate for your application.
  • How will the tags be attached? The attachment technique best suited for your research will depend on your species’ physiology and behaviors, the habitat characteristics, and whether animals are restrained or not during attachment.
  • Is remote data access required? If you plan to physically recover tags, archival instruments can be used. However, if your animals cannot be recaptured satellite transmitting tags are necessary.
  • What is your target deployment duration? There is a trade-off between tag size and battery capacity. Think about what resolution you need and your target deployment length. Remember, duty-cycling can be used to extend the tag life.
  • What is your budget? Wildlife Computers supplies a range of tags that vary in price. In general, cost increases with additional tag sensors and complexity of data collected.
Adelie Penguins Iceberg Antarctica

If you still aren’t sure where to start or what tags you need, contact Wildlife Computers and speak to one of our technical sales consultants. Our team uses knowledge gathered over the last 30 years on best practices, techniques, and procedures to make recommendations for getting the data you need to meet your objectives. Fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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