The MiniPAT is a pop-up archival transmitting tag (PAT tag, also known as a PSAT). It is a sophisticated combination of archival and Argos satellite technology. PAT tags are designed to track the large-scale movements and behavior of fish and other animals which do not spend enough time at the surface to allow the use of real-time Argos satellite tags. Sensor data are collected during deployment and archived in onboard memory. Then on a preset date, the tag releases from its host animal, surfaces, and uploads a summary of the archived data to Argos satellites.



  • Flexible programing allows the researcher to customize and prioritize data transmission and release parameters.
  • A complete record of depth, temperature and light-level readings are stored. Should the MiniPAT be recovered, the full archive is available for download.
  • A corrodible pin allows the release of the MiniPAT from the fish on a pre-programmed date or when certain conditions indicating the tag is no longer on the fish (premature release) are met.
  • Once released, the tag floats to the surface so data can be transmitted.
  • The pinger allows for ratio tracking recovery.

Data Products

Permanent archive of sampled data:

  • Vertical depth movement
  • Environmental temperature

Data transmitted at release:

  • Tracking Data: Light-based Geolocation
  • Depth/Temperature Time-Series: Detailed sampled data
  • Diving Behavior: Time-at-Depth Histograms, Time-Series Depth
  • Temperature Profiles: Profile of Depth and Temp (PDT), Mixed Layer Analysis, Time-Series Temperature, Time-at-Temperature Histograms
  • Mortality Detection
  • Argos quality pop-up locations

User Guide/Software

MiniPAT User Guide

Detailed description of MiniPAT features. Includes instructions on how to use Tag Agent to set up and deploy the MiniPAT.

64-bit USB Driver 18-Dec-2017

Driver for the Wildlife Computers USB-Blue communications cable. A 32-bit version is available on our Downloads page.


Below are the physical specifications of the MiniPAT. A full description of the features is available on the downloadable MiniPAT Product Features (PDF).

Attachment typeTowed
SensorsDepth, Temperature, Light
Depth sensor range1700m
Depth sensor resolution0.5 m
Depth sensor accuracy+/- 1% of reading
Temperature sensor range-40 to 60°C
Temperature sensor resolution0.05°C
Temperature sensor accuracy+/- 0.1°C
Conductivity operational limits0.1 to 5 S/m
Light sensor5 x to 5 x
Wet/dry sensorYes
Length (mm)124mm
Diameter (mm)38mm
Weight (g)60g
Pressure rating (m)2000m
Operating temperature rating (°C)-20 to 50°C
Recommended storage temperature range (°C)5 to -20°C
Memory64 MB
Maximum deployment length2 years
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