Statistical Analysis

Wildlife Computers began creating tools for statistical analysis using R. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Most of our clients use R to analyze data and present it in an easily to use format. Using R, we created tools that integrate directly in the Wildlife Computers Data Portal to tell the story of your research project.

One of our most popular apps, Argos Pass Analysis, shows you when a satellite will pass over your tag to optimize the data messages sent. Pass prediction like this is helpful if you expect your animal to move less than 500 km from your deployment location, and the utility of this concept diminishes with distance and the number of hours you wish to transmit. However, doing this helps save battery life so your tag is not attempting to connect to a satellite when none are within range.

Combining both of these concepts will increase the likelihood of your data being received and therefore decrease the anxiety we all feel when we leave the field with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment now swimming freely in the ocean.

Read more about Argos Pass Analysis and give it a try.

Argos System
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