Transmitting telemetry tags gather positional, behavioral, and environmental data which are transmitted via the Argos satellite system to the Wildlife Computers Data Portal. Transmitting tags are essential for use on animals that are not easily recaptured. Satellite tags measure and store information, then send the data whenever the animals are at the surface or at the end of a deployment.

There are many types of transmitting tags—SPOT, Pop-Up, and GPS tags. A pop-up tag is an example of a tag that combines both archival and transmitting abilities. A pop-up tag will record months of data and, at a pre-programmed time, will pop off the animal, float to the surface, and begin transmitting. If you recover the tag, you will have the full archive as well.

Wildlife Computers offers an array of transmitting tags that provide a great deal of data to meet the needs of the research project.

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