The Rainier-S20 is currently going through a complete design review. If you are interested in learning more or are interested in purchasing this tag, please contact us directly

Wildlife Computers avian tag, the Rainier-S20, is suitable for birds weighing as little as 650 grams. The Rainier-S20 tag is a rechargeable, solar-powered GPS-equipped Argos transmitter (PTT) tag. Not only is the tag built for comfort but it comes with field-tested features like solar cells that charge in low light conditions or when partially covered by feathers and an incredibly robust yet flexible antenna that stands up to any abuse.

The deployed Rainier-S20 tags collects GPS locations on a flexible, customer-programmable deployment schedule. Over 6 ½ years of archived locations can be stored on the tag and transmitted via Argos satellites together with some diagnostic sensor data. The small, solid cast, 20-gram package is waterproof and tested to 100 meters depth.

Avian Bird
ModelGPSArgosTemperatureBattery VoltageAccelerometerL x W x H (mm)Weight (g)
56 x 18 x 1420
ModelGPSArgosTemperatureBattery VoltageAccelerometerL x W x H (mm)Weight (g)

This is a small representation of our available tags. Tag features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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