Wildlife Computers avian tag, the Rainier-S20, is suitable for birds weighing as little as 650 grams. The Rainier-S20 tag is a rechargeable, solar-powered GPS-equipped Argos transmitter (PTT) tag. The Rainier-S20 collects GPS locations and other sensor data on a highly flexible customer-programmable schedule during deployment. The archived data are stored locally as well as transmitted to the Argos satellite network. The Wildlife Computers cloud-based portal automatically downloads and processes the data and makes it available in near real time.

The Rainier-S20 method of sending GPS locations and other data through Argos builds on Wildlife Computers more than 20 years of experience of sending information via satellite in the most challenging marine environments and time stamps each to within two minutes of the actual fix. Status messages and cumulative status data sent can be used to infer the basic health of the tag.

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Avian Bird
ModelGPSTemperatureBattery VoltageAccelerometerL x W x H (mm)Weight (g)
56 x 18 x 1420
ModelGPSTemperatureBattery VoltageAccelerometerL x W x H (mm)Weight (g)

This is a small representation of our available tags. Tag features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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