LIMPET Attachment Aids

Wildlife Computers offers darts, arrows, and deployment cups for use with Wildlife Computers LIMPET tags only. These items are illustrated in the LIMPET Accessories (PDF).

Titanium Darts

LIMPET tags are designed to be used with Wildlife Computers custom titanium darts available in two sizes. The standard dart has two rows of 3 petals (6 petals total) and is 68 mm long. The short dart has a single row of three petals and is 45 mm long. Two darts are required per tag. We do not sell titanium darts for any other tags except Wildlife Computers tags.

Deployment Arrows

Wildlife Computers supplies both airgun and crossbow arrows. Both styles include a float and a deployment cup bonded in position for Wildlife Computers tags only. The airgun arrow works with the Dan-Inject Co2 Rifle Model JM Special 25.

Deployment Cups

Deployment cups are urethane cups that hold and support the tag during firing. Should you choose not to purchase the Wildlife Computers deployment arrows, the cups can be purchased independently. We sell deployment cups for Wildlife Computers tags only.

Tursiop Dolphin
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