Procedure for found (recovered) tags

If you have found a tag along the shore, on a fish, or anywhere else, we’d like to know about it. There may be scientific data still on the tag. Please leave the tag in the condition in which you found it, as this may be of interest to the researcher who deployed it. What to do… First, look for the serial number of the tag, which will be in small print on one of the labels on the tag. The number will be something like 12A1234, 13P0123, or 1391234. We will use this number to determine who owns the tag. Next, email us with the serial number and your contact information. Emails should be sent to tags(at)wildlifecomputers.com. We will get back to you to follow up. While email is best, if you do not have access to email, you may call us at +1.425.881.3048. If you do call, we are in the Pacific time zone (GMT -8, or -7 during daylight saving time). Often people want to know the history of the tag they found, such as what species carried it and where. This is information the owner will have and may provide, if you request it.


Standard lead times

The standard lead time varies by tag type and configuration, but for most orders is around 8 weeks. Custom orders may run somewhat longer. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Standard shipping

Our standard shipping method is UPS Next Day Air, Fed Ex Standard Overnight, or DHL Express. All shipments are insured, unless otherwise directed by the purchaser. Shipping and insurance charges are added to the invoice. Please contact us if you have different requirements.


Payment methods

Payments can be made by check drawn on a U.S. bank, money order, bank draft, or electronic funds transfer. All funds must be in USD. Prices are based upon payment by electronic funds transfer or check. Other payment methods may be assessed a handling fee of up to 4%. Bank information for electronic funds transfers will be supplied with your invoice. All sales, use, and other taxes, and customs and duty charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Late payments are subject to a late charge of 1% per month.


Limited warranty and liability

Wildlife Computers instruments and devices are fit for their intended purpose when delivered and are not subject to any other express or implied warranty. Wildlife Computers’ liability is limited in all circumstances to, at its option, the repair or replacement of instruments until deployed by a customer, or until two (2) years after receipt by customer if not deployed, provided that such instruments and devices have not been modified or misused.

By accepting delivery of the instruments, a customer acknowledges and agrees to this limitation of liability.

Due to the inherent risks and variables involved with marine animal tagging, no warranty or guarantee of performance following deployment can be offered.


Tag returns/Problem resolution

Before returning your tag, it is imperative that you call us if you experience any issues. By discussing the symptoms, we may be able to determine a quick fix. If a defect is determined, the tag must be returned to us for further evaluation. Wildlife Computers will not accept any tags without the proper documentation.

In the case of a true defect, Wildlife Computers reserves the right to determine the cause of the failure—we are always fair in our evaluation. Wildlife Computers makes every effort to resolve problems to the client’s satisfaction and to uphold our commitment to excellent customer service and quality products. If a defect is detected, Wildlife Computers will replace or repair it at our discretion at no cost to the client.


Repair return lead times

The standard lead time for returns, regardless of the reason for the return, is approximately 12 weeks. If this time frame will not work for you, please contact us to discuss your situation.


Return instructions for evaluation or repair – International and Domestic packages

If you need to return your tags, we must have proper documentation. Wildlife Computers will not accept any package without a Return Authorization Form.

    1.  Contact Wildlife Computers first! Call 425-881-3048 or email tags(at)wildlifecomputers.com
    2.  Complete and print a Return Authorization Form. You must fill this out completely including a serial number for each tag you are returning and the reason for the return. You can also work with your technical sales consultant to fill out the form.

International returns MUST specify clearly on the shipping paperwork that the contents are “Made in the USA. Returning to the manufacturer for evaluation/repair.” This information will help minimize possible customs issues or delays. If you are aware of any specific customs requirements that we need to meet in order to return the tags back to you, please notify us in advance. This may include specific verbiage required or use of a specific courier or broker. If you need a Customs Declaration Form, you can download a generic form here.


Return shipping address

We recommend using a carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, and suggest forwarding the tracking number to us by email. The tags should be carefully packaged, insured, and shipped to:

Attn: Repairs
Wildlife Computers
8310 154th Ave NE, Suite 150
Redmond, WA 98052 USA


Delivery dates

All delivery dates quoted are offered in good faith, however they are not guaranteed. Quoted delivery dates are subject to change. Wildlife Computers does not assume responsibility for shipping delays resulting from handling by commercial or private carriers.


Customer requests and input

We welcome customer feedback and constructive suggestions. If you have requests for future upgrades in hardware or software capabilities, please email us with the details. While we cannot implement every request, we will consider each that we receive.


Website compatibility

If you experience any problems using the site, please notify us. We also welcome feedback on the site and how it can better meet the needs of our customers.

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