Cetacean LIMPET

The Low Impact Minimally Percutaneous Electronic Transmitter (LIMPET) is a satellite transmitting tag widely used for cetacean tracking. The tags small size allows for deployment high on the dorsal fin to enable frequent transmissions to the Argos satellites. LIMPET tags are designed to be deployed using DANINJECT CO2 rifles. Crossbow deployment accessories are also available. Accessories are not included in the price of the tag.

Cetacean Transdermal

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*Life estimates rely on programming, battery variability, temperature, power settings, features utilized, etc., and may increase or decrease based on your deployment. Please contact your technical sales consultant for more information.

Most SPLASH tags come in a 10 (does not contain Fastloc) or BF (does not contain depth) version. Ask your technical sales consultant which tag best meets your research goals.

This is a small representation of our available tags. Tag features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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