Survivorship PAT

The sPAT is a pop-up archival transmitting tag (PAT tag, also known as a PSAT) specifically optimized for short-term survivorship studies. The sPAT uses a suite of sensors and algorithms to monitor the status of the tagged animal for up to 60 days.



  • The sPAT is very easy to deploy thus can be used by recreational and commercial fishermen.
  • The sPAT is attached to the fish by a tether and anchor.
  • We provide a variety of anchors for different species.
  • No programming of the tag is required. The sPAT will automatically deploy when it is submerged in seawater.
  • A corrodible pin allows the release of the sPAT from the fish 30, 45, or 60 days after deployment or when certain conditions indicating the tag is no longer on a swimming fish (conditional release) are met.
  • Once released from the fish, the tag floats to the surface and transmits its data to Wildlife Computers Portal for processing. Wildlife Computers pays for all the Argos charges.

Data Products

  • Pop-up date and location via Argos
  • Delta Light—changes in delta light can be an indicator of predation/ingestion
  • Daily min/max depth and temperature (to confirm the tag was attached to a swimming animal)
  • Depth Time Series for five days prior to release

The operational definition of “survivorship” is when the tag is still attached to a swimming animal 30 days after deployment.

User Guide/Software

sPAT User Guide

This user guide gives you all the essential information needed for interacting with, configuring, and deploying this tag. It also includes instructions on how to use Tag Agent.

64-bit USB Driver 18-Dec-2017

Driver for the Wildlife Computers USB-Blue communications cable. A 32-bit version is available on our Downloads page.


Below are the physical specifications of the sPAT. A full description of these features is available on the downloadable sPAT Product Features (PDF).

Attachment typeTowed
SensorsDepth, Temperature, Light
Depth sensor range1700m
Depth sensor resolution0.5 m
Depth sensor accuracy+/- 1% of reading
Temperature sensor range-40 to 60°C
Temperature sensor resolution0.05°C
Temperature sensor accuracy+/- 0.1°C
Light sensor5 x to 5 x
Wet/dry sensorYes
Length (mm)124mm
Diameter (mm)38mm
Weight (g)60g
Pressure rating (m)2000m
Operating temperature rating (°C)-20°C to 50°C
Conductivity operational limits0.1 to 5 S/m
Recommended storage temperature range (°C)-20°C to 50°C
Maximum deployment length60 Days
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