IGOR Pro is a commercially available graphing, analysis, and automation software product developed by WaveMetrics. IGOR Pro allows you to manipulate, process, and plot your tag data.

There are two versions of IGOR Pro: a free version and a paid premium version. The free version of IGOR Pro only allows you to view the plots on your screen while the paid version allows you to download the plots for inclusion in presentations or to write your own data processing scripts.

The Wildlife Computers Data Portal and Wildlife Computers Data Analysis Program (DAP) will output an IGOR experiment file (.pxp) for use in IGOR Pro. You can work with your data using the vast array of built-in IGOR features, or you can use the Wildlife Computers custom data visualization interface.

By installing IGOR Pro first and then installing DAP, DAP’s custom IGOR plotting scripts become available automatically. Just double-click on an exported IGOR file. It is automatically opened, loaded, and displayed in the IGOR Plot Selector.

IGOR supports many plot types:

  • Deployment Summary – Data coverage, depth data, and light data.
  • Histograms & PDT – Summary period data for these products.
  • TimeLines – Data products viewed as a time series.
  • DateLines – Data products viewed as daily summaries.
  • “XY” Sensor Plot – Shows the relationship between data.
  • Mixed Layer Message Data – Summary period data for each parameter.
  • Time Series Message Data – Stacked view as a time series.
  • Message Reception TimeLine – Troubleshooting and diagnostics.
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