Animal and telemetry data are priceless but recovering that data can be challenging. A payload recovery device is the best way to recover your data with minimal effort and disturbance to the animal. Designed for pinnipeds, the PRD-RP (Payload Recovery Device-Remote Pinniped) can survive onshore abuse and depths up to 2,000 meters. There are many ways to find the device including Argos locations, a strobe light, or a UHF beacon. The PRD-RP can be used multiple times so the same valuable payload can be used again right away. The PRD-RP is the only commercially available release system suitable for deployments on seals, sea lions, and fur seals. As a bonus, there are no shipping restrictions with the device, unlike other squib-style release mechanisms.



  • Remote release—radio triggered release from over 200 meters.
  • On-demand—the researcher initiates the release.
  • Rugged—can withstand the abuse of large animals on the rookery.
  • Multi-use—field refurbishment allows for multiple deployments.
  • Recovery aids—Argos locations, UHF radio beacon, and strobe light.
  • Generic payload platform—any device can be carried, limited only by size.
  • Pressure rated—can survive up to 2,000 meters.
  • Shippable—no shipping restrictions.


Below are the physical specifications of the PRD-RP.

Animal AttachmentEpoxy, glue, or other adhesive
Payload AttachmentEpoxy, glue, or other adhesive
Wet/Dry SensorYes
Dimension (no payload)(LxWxH)117 mm x 88 mm x 29 mm
Weight In Air (no payload)327 grams
Payload Platform105 mm x 67 mm
Pressure Rating2,000 m
Operating Temperature Range-20° C to 50° C
Operating LifeYears—duration depends on device settings
Conductivity Operational Limits0.1 to 5 S/m
Transmitter Frequency401.678 MHz
Transmitter Power Output500 mW
Receiver sensitivity-97 dBm
Recovery BeaconYes
Recovery StrobeYes
Shipping RestrictionsNone
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