Fastloc® GPS

Fastloc® technology is the most accepted and proven technology for fast location acquisition—appearing in over 700 research publications and deployed on more than 3,000 tags. Fastloc technology operates in dynamic environments where satellite signals are only available for brief periods of time.

A Fastloc receiver works by taking a quick (milliseconds) snapshot of the radio signals. The signals are processed and compressed onboard the tag and optimized for transmission over Argos or stored on the tag’s archive. Processing and compression take less than 12 seconds and continues after the animal has dived. Up to 10 GPS satellites can be processed to provide location accuracies from 20-75 meters. The results are available in .csv and .kmz formats.

One of the other benefits of Fastloc is its minimal power consumption allowing its use on the smallest, least invasive tags possible. Wildlife Computers uses Fastloc technology in many of its tags and form factors. Details on how to process Fastloc location data using the Data Portal can be found in our User Guide.

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Fastloc GPS data
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