The PRD-TI is a one-time-use payload recovery device that allows you to recover small, tethered assets such as cameras, float packages, and archival tags. With a static load rating of 100 lbs., the PRD-TI can be added to a tether or a line and programmed to release on a specific date and time—the release date can be up to two years in the future. MiniPAT tags have built-in support for the PRD-TI preventing the MiniPAT release pin from corroding while otherwise operating normally.



Prior to attachment to the asset, the PRD-TI is programmed by the end-user to burn its release pin and release an attached asset on an absolute date and time.

On the programmed date and time, the tag initiates active corrosion of the pin. The pin will actively corrode in seawater and release the asset over the next 6-10 hours. The release time depends on water temperature and salinity. When the pin is corroded, the nose cone will separate from the tether and the attached asset is released.


Below are the physical specifications of the PRD-TI.

Dimension (no payload)(LxWxH)70 mm (length) X 18 mm (diameter)
Weight In Air (no payload)22 grams
Pressure Rating2,000 m
Operating LifeUp to two years
Storage Temperature5° C is optimal
CommunicationVia USB port using Wildlife Computers Communications Cable

Learn more in the PRD-TI User Guide.

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