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Limpet Suite Product Sheet

Low Impact Minimally Percutaneous Electronic Transmitter (LIMPET) tags are widely used for cetacean tracking. LIMPETS were originally designed in 2006 for tracking killer whales. Since then, LIMPETS have tracked more than 20 species of whales and dolphins.

Users deploy LIMPETS remotely with a pneumatic rifle or crossbow anchoring two small titanium darts into the thin outer layer of blubber. The electronics remain external and, when the animal surfaces to breathe, the tag transmits data to the satellites. Typical deployment durations range from weeks to several months.


Wildlife Computers offers three separate LIMPET feature options: SPOT, SPLASH10, and SPLASH10-F.


Tag TypeSPOT-365SPLASH10-333SPLASH10-F-333
Package DetailsHorizontal Movement

Location only satellite tag
Behavior and Horizontal

Data archiving satellite
transmitting tag
Behavior and Highly Accurate
Horizontal Movement

All the features of the
SPLASH10 plus Fastloc® GPS
Key Features and Data Options

  • Argos Doppler Locations (accurate to 250 m)

  • Percent-Dry Timlines

  • Time-at-Temperature Histograms

  • Argos Doppler Locations (accurate to 250 m)

  • Depth & Temperature Time-Series

  • Histogram and Dive Behavior Summary Messages

  • Temperature Profiles

  • Available with a standard or extended range depth sensor

  • Fastloc GPS Locations (accurate to 20 m)

  • Argos Doppler Locations (accurate to 250 m)

  • Depth & Temperature Time-Series

  • Histogram and Dive Behavior Summary Messages

  • Temperature Profiles

  • Available with a standard or extended range depth sensor

Life340 days120 days112 days
Dimensions57 x 48 x 24 mm56 x 50 x 27 mm56 x 50 x 27 mm
Weight57 g69 g69 g

LIMPET Accessories

Titanium Tag Darts

Wildlife Computers offers two dart sizes—standard and short. The standard dart contains two rows of three petals (six petals total) and is 68 mm long. The short dart contains a single row of three petals (three petals total) and is 45 mm long. Dart design is critical for tag reliability as the design dictates the implantation shock forces. For this reason, Wildlife Computers only warrants dart tags prior to implantation unless deployed with Wildlife Computer darts. Both sizes are USD $150 each and we require two darts per tag.

Dart Sterilization Packages

If you plan to use a gas sterilization system, these housings can be very helpful. The packaging consists of a tube and 2 urethane end-caps. When holding the “dart-tip” end-cap, the back end-cap and tubing can be removed. This allows you to easily screw the dart directly onto the tag without handling it.


Wildlife Computers supports the DANINJECT CO2 rifle for use with its LIMPET dart tags. DANINJECT, and our experienced clients, recommend model JM Special 25 with a 25 bar, 13 mm smooth barrel. You may need to call DANINJECT directly for this barrel option. Further information on this rifle can be found at: https://daninjectdartguns.com/product/jm-special/

Deployment Arrows

Both the air gun and crossbow arrows are available. Arrows are $75 and include a float and a deployment cup bonded in position.

Deployment Cups

Should you choose not to purchase the Wildlife Computers deployment arrows, deployment cups are available à la carte. Deployment cups are urethane cups designed to support the tag during firing. We have cups suitable for both crossbow shafts and air gun shafts. The cost is $25 and we recommend at least one cup per 3 tags be purchased.


Titanium Dart Anchors3-petal45 mm L x 22 mm W x 4 g
6-petal68 mm L x 24 mm W x 6 g
Deployment CupSPOT-36559 L x 38 W x 42 H (mm)
SPLASH10-33351 L x 43 W x 39 H (mm)
SPLASH10-F-33351 L x 43 W x 39 H (mm)
Air Gun ArrowFor use with 13mm bore Dan-Inject CO2 rifle35 in L

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This is a small representation of our available tags.
Tag features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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