• Argos & Archive
  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Light Level

46 g

1 year
(maximum deployment length)

96 x Ø 33



Key Benefits

The microPAT is the smallest pop-up archival transmitting (PAT) tag on the market. 

PAT tags, also known as PSAT tags, are designed to track the large-scale movements and behavior of fish and other animals which do not spend enough time at the surface to allow the use of real-time Argos satellite tags.

The microPAT allows users to track the vertical and horizontal movements of small fish, and to examine depth and temperature data for deployments up to one year.

Complete Record

Depth, temperature, and light-level readings are stored. A full archive is available upon recovery.

Flexible Programming

Allows researchers to customize and prioritize data transmissions and release parameters.

Corrodible Pin

Allows the release of the MiniPAT from the fish on a pre-programmed date.

Floats to Transmit

Once released, the tag floats to the surface so data can be transmitted.

Radio Tracking

The pinger allows for radio tracking recovery.

Top Benefits of the microPAT

Smallest Pop-up Tag on the Market — at just 46 grams and 96 X Ø33 mm, this small tag is built for small species of fish, most of which haven’t been tagged before.

Light-Based Geolocation — uses known locations, light, sea-surface temperature, bathymetric, and land-avoidance observations to determine location estimates.

Proven Technology built on the same proven technology as the Wildlife Computers MiniPAT for recording and transmitting position, depth, and temperature data.

The Portal Advantage — the portal helps collect, prepare, and analyze the data returned from the tag — via Argos or the archive. Data are easily sorted, filtered, searched, uploaded, and shared. You can see a Google Earth display of your deployment track, color-coded to show the relative age of each location. You can also set up a live KMZ to get data into your own monitoring system.

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