• Argos
  • Fastloc GPS
  • Wet/Dry sensor
  • Pressure sensor


325 g


Up to 1 year depending on deployment settings

123 x 63 x 40

Key Benefits

SCOUT-CTD collects and transmits oceanographic-quality CTD profiles with GPS-quality locations.

The ability to record water column salinity and temperature, and transmit them through the Argos system, enables the collection of oceanographic data over long distances and in remote areas at a low cost. The Fastloc GPS feature allows for fine-scale, high-accuracy locations on animals that surface too quickly to get a traditional GPS fix.

  • Data is accessible online in near-real time. A full archive is available if recovered.
  • Oceanographic-quality salinity/temperature/depth profiles
  • Data ready for ingestion into oceanographic databases
  • Proven technology – based on SPLASH10 hardware first introduced in 2005
  • GPS-quality locations (within 20 – 75 meters)
  • Flexible transmission schedules provide the ability to extend the life of the tag and to focus on specific seasons or times of year
  • Full archival data set available if the tag is recovered
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