Shark Tagging

Tagged White Shark

About Wildlife Computers Shark Tags

Our shark finmount shapes are designed to position the antenna as high on the fin as possible to improve Argos transmissions. The robust “memory metal” antennas are custom-made using a nickel-titanium alloy. Antennas are available in standard and heavy-duty configurations. Attachment kits are included with the tag.

If you are studying large pelagic species that periodically bask, consider a Wildlife Computers towed tag. Towed tags are attached to the animal by a long tether and dart anchor. They are positively buoyant allowing them to float at the surface while trailing behind a slow-moving animal. Spot and SPLASH10-F towed designs have been used extensively on manta rays and whale sharks.

Deployment Checklists

Everything you need to know about deploying tags.

Antifouling Protocol

Everything you need to know to limit biofouling on Wildlife Computers tags.

Environmental Data Products

See how animals are turning into oceanographers.

Behavior Data Products

Gain greater insight into what your animal is doing.

This video explains how Wildlife Computers SPOT finmount tags work.

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