• Argos
  • Depth
  • Temperature

69 g

120 days

56 x 50 x 27

Key Benefits

Low Impact Minimally Percutaneous Electronic Transmitter (LIMPET) tags are widely used for cetacean tracking. LIMPETS were originally designed in 2006 for tracking killer whales. Since then, LIMPETS have tracked more than 20 species of whales and dolphins.

Users deploy LIMPETS remotely with a pneumatic rifle or crossbow anchoring two small titanium darts into the thin outer layer of blubber. The electronics remain external and, when the animal surfaces to breathe, the tag transmits data to the satellites. Typical deployment durations range from weeks to several months.

Key Features Available in the SPLASH10-333

  • Argos Doppler Locations
  • Depth & Temperature Time-series
  • Histogram and Dive Behavior Summary Messages
  • Temperature Profiles
  • Available with a standard or extended range depth sensor
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