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Wildlife Computers Time-Depth Recorders (TDR) are data-archiving tags designed for tracking fine-scale movements of marine animals. A TDR10 is a cost-effective tag that works best on animals that can be captured twice such as pinnipeds, sea turtles, and penguins.


The TDR10 tags come in a variety of shapes with a variety of sensor options for gathering sample data including depth, temperature, light, wet/dry, acceleration, and stomach temperature (using the stomach temperature pill linked to a TDR). TDR10 tags can also come equipped with Fastloc® GPS. Fastloc acquires highly accurate locations in under a second.

Key Benefits of TDR10 Tags

  • Fine-scale, high-resolution sample data
  • High-sample rates
  • Best possible digital resolution
  • Most complete data set
  • Highly accurate locations
  • Fast acquisition
  • Stored GPS snapshots
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Hundreds of achievable location per day

Data Products

Different tag models offer different data products.

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Recovery Options for TDR Tags

  • Payload Recovery Device—a great way to recover data with minimal effort and disturbance. From over 200 m away, the Payload Recovery Device will detach from the animal with a radio command.
  • Float Packages—if you cannot recapture your animal another option is to attach the TDR10 to a float package that will release from the animal and then recovered. For example, a suction cup attachment on a cetacean. A SPOT tag, like our Asset Recovery tag, can be used to assist in finding the float package.
  • Asset Recovery Tag—A SPOT tag can be attached to the animal in order to locate it, recapture it, and recover the TDR10. This tag can also be incorporated into a float package that holds the TDR10.
  • User Guide/Software

    TDR-10 User Guide

    This user guide gives you all the essential information needed for interacting with, configuring, and deploying this tag.
    64-bit USB Driver 18-Dec-2017

    Driver for the Wildlife Computers USB-Blue communications cable. A 32-bit version is available on our Downloads page.
    Mk10 Host Version: 1.26.2008 17-Jul-2014

    Installs the Mk10Host program used for communicating with TDR tags. Mk10Host allows you to set up the tag’s deployment parameters and allows you to download archived data when the tag is recovered.
    Wildlife Computers Data Portal—reliable, complete cloud storage for your data.

    Tag Portal—convenient online programming for configuring tag settings.
    GPE3 User Guide

    A statistical model for estimating animal movements. GPE3 is an integrated component of the Wildlife Computers Data Portal and runs exclusively on our servers.


    The TDR10 is configurable with a wide variety of sensors. Fastloc® GPS is available on several configurations.

    Below are the general physical specifications of TDR10 tags.

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    *** indicates the specification is dependent upon the configuration model

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