WC-DAP Fastloc Decoding Issue—Desktop Version Only

Fastloc processing relies on ephemeris and almanac data to create location estimates. Recent changes to the almanac and ephemeris servers caused an issue in the desktop version of WC-DAP. Anyone using the desktop version of WC-DAP—downloaded from wildlifecomputers.com—may encounter issues where the data are unavailable for some or all of the snapshots, especially after November 30, 2020. Transmitted and uploaded data run through the Wildlife Computers Data Portal are not affected.

We are working to create a longer-term solution that allows us to support the stand-alone version of DAP with regards to Fastloc processing other significant changes but validation may take a few months. Our short-term solution is to upload your Argos or archive data to the Wildlife Computers Data Portal to process the Fastloc locations. See the instructions below.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You can find instructions on uploading your data into the Portal on page 23 of the Wildlife Computers Data Portal and Tag Agent User Guide.

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