Wildlife Computers Data Portal Updates

Over the last few months, Wildlife Computers made some cool updates to the Wildlife Computers Data Portal and Tag Agent software.

Download Tag Setting Record
Users now have the ability to download a record of their tag settings. If you are working in Tag Agent and are in the “Administer Tag” or “View Setting File (.taf),” you will see a Save to PDF button in the upper right-hand corner.


Here are some examples of PDF output you will see:

  1. Offline with the latest tag setting
  2. Offline with unproposed tag setting
  3. Online with the latest tag setting
  4. Online with proposed but unapplied tag setting
  5. Online with unapplied old tag setting
  6. Online with unproposed tag setting changes
  7. When viewing .taf files


Argos Transmitter Test

Users also have the ability to perform an Argos transmitter test through Tag Agent. This is especially useful to ensure the tag is properly transmitting, the signal is being received and processed by Argos, and that all the data is coming back into the Wildlife Computers Data Portal without actually deploying the tag. Simply click on the Advanced tab, and choose Argos Transmitter Test in the dropdown menu.

New Live Maps

There is a new live map feature which allows you to create custom live maps that can be easily embedded into a website. The map feature is intended for display purposes only, and not for scientific presentation. We included this feature after several requests that the Live KMZ did not work for all of our client’s needs. You can create a new map, choose which display tracks or location points to include, and deployment start and end dates. You then get an embed code that automatically updates the data on the web page. For more information, read the Portal and Tag Agent

User Guide

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