• Pop-up  date and location via Argos
  • Daily min/max temperature for the 100 days prior to release
  • Daily difference between min/max tilt for the 100 days prior to release



45 g

2 years

118 x 28 x 28

Key Benefits

The mrPAT is a small, fisheries-independent Argos location reporter ideal for large-scale dispersal and movement studies. At just 40 grams, it is the smallest tag in Wildlife Computers pop-up family. It is also the most cost-effective, allowing for larger sample sizes and greater assurance of results.

The mrPAT is easy to deploy making it simple for research partners, such as sport and commercial fishermen, to assist with deployments.

Key Features

  • Wildlife Computers arranges for the Argos platform numbers and covers the Argos charges.
  • Tags arrive preassembled with tether and anchor.
  • The mrPAT will automatically deploy when it is submerged in seawater.
  • After a specified time interval or on an absolute date, the release pin burns through, separating the tag from its tether. The tag then floats to the surface and begins transmitting to Argos. The pop-up coordinates are available for viewing and downloading via the Wildlife Computers Data Portal.
  • The battery provides ballast, offering stability while the tag is under tow and good keeling while floating and transmitting.
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