First Ever PAT Tags on Pacific Cod in the Bering Sea

MiniPAT on CodIn the summer of 2019…for the first time EVER…scientists were able to deploy PAT (Pop-up Archival Transmitting) tags on Pacific Cod in the Bering Sea. We love it when our tags help people do new things. Whether it’s tagging fish in a new area, or partnering government biologists with the commercial fishing industry…we are HERE for it!

This tagging project is a story about partnership. NOAA Fisheries and the fishing industry don’t always get along but this project was a different story. In the summer of 2019, in the Bering Sea, a total of 36 cod were tagged with Wildlife Computers MiniPAT and mrPAT tags. There were two main purposes of the study: to develop commercial catch and release methods and to collect data. The Pacific cod is the second most valuable fish and a key species in Alaska. Knowledge about this fish is essential for sustainable management.

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