Melinda Holland Attends Co-design Meeting in Canada

Wildlife Computers CEO, Melinda Holland, recently returned from a trip to Inuvik to join the Inuvialuit Game Council, Fisheries Joint Management Committee-FJMC and Fisheries and Oceans Canada for a Beluga-tagging workshop. The new beluga tagging program used live capture methods to tag the animals. The Inuvialuit expressed the need for less invasive tagging methods.

During last year’s tagging expedition, the team experimented with a less invasive approach of attaching the Wildlife Computers MiniPAT tags. The team decided to hold a co-design meeting focused on developing protocols and new equipment to test a single-point attachment tag. This hands-on workshop worked to provide guidance for a new harpoon-deployed tagging system along with deployment protocols and study design to test the new system.

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