Wildlife Computers Data Portal

New Portal Update Improves Location Accuracy for Fastloc® Users

As part of our commitment to improving quality and delivering innovative technology, we’ve released an update to the Wildlife Computers Data Portal with improved Fastloc processing. This new and improved process limits the number of outliers in your data to provide a noticeable improvement in your locations.

If you already have automatic Fastloc processes in place and you get a new location, your data will be automatically processed. If you already have automatic Fastloc processes in place and you don’t get any new locations, you will need to manually reprocess your data with the new algorithm. Below are instructions on how to manually process your data. We’ve also added a new column which shows which version your data was run under. For example, all data run under the new algorithm will show 3.0.569.0 so you can see the difference.

Additional Bug Fix
In this software release, we are also fixing a bug where MiniPAT status messages were not being decoded for some deployments. Most of these status messages are used strictly for tag diagnostics. If you have a deployment that is missing status messages, and you need them for diagnostic purposes, you will need to contact Wildlife Computers directly as you cannot rerun your own data sets.

Processing Historical Fastloc Data
To reprocess historical Fastloc data:

  • Select the deployment.
  • Click on the Location Processing button.
  • Click on Create New Process.
  • A box may ask if you wish to process Fastloc-GPS or GPE3.
    • Select Fastloc-GPS.
  • Click on Manual (One Time).
  • Click Start Fastloc-GPS.

Every processed tag has a yellow Default row that downloads on the Deployments page via the Download button. Once the new manual process is complete, click on the green pin to set a new default row. The new row will then become the default and download the latest data on the deployments page. (Or use the blue download arrow on a new row for only Fastloc processing results).

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