Storing MiniPAT Tags – Best Practices

If you are not deploying your MiniPAT tags shortly after receipt and will be storing them for a month or longer, you will want to minimize battery passivation and keep the batteries charged. When stored correctly, the amount of battery life lost per year is only 1-2 percent. 

Before storing them—in a cool, dry place, ideally around +5° C—you will need to put your tags in “Stop” or “Shutdown” mode using Tag Agent. Plug into your tag and go to Disconnect Tag and choose Stop. 

Tag Agent Stop

Performing Transmission Tests in Tag Agent 

Once your tags are stored, you will want to “exercise” the batteries by sending test transmissions which can also be done in Tag Agent. 

Select “Advanced” and then “Send Test Transmission.” 

Start Test Transmission

The test transmission voltage should read approximately 3.2v and the battery voltage displayed on the main sensor screen should be around 3.5v. 

Test Transmission Success

If you receive a low voltage reading, it may be due to passivation forming during storage. We recommend repeating this test at least three times to dislodge the possible passivation layer. If you continue to receive a low voltage reading, anything less than 3.2v, contact your technical sales consultant. 

Battery Voltage






battery voltage





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