Wildlife Computers Releases Fastloc®4

Fastloc 4

Fastloc® GPS, the most accepted and proven location acquisition technology, just got better. Fastloc 4, the latest version of Fastloc, gives you a tag that lasts longer and provides more reliable and accurate locations. Combining Fastloc 4 with LocSolve 2.0, the proprietary software used to process Fastloc GPS data, gives you a tag that lasts longer AND provides more accurate locations with error estimates.

Fastloc 4 features the following:

  • A 70% reduction in GPS snapshot acquisition time—this leads to faster snapshot acquisition, requiring less time at the surface
  • Improved accuracy—Fastloc 4 offers more accurate and reliable locations thanks to its lower noise floor and more sensitive front end.

Fastloc 4 GPS tags will now provide more accurate and reliable location information for a longer period of time. The first tags being released with Fastloc 4 will be the SPLASH10-BF-297, SPLASH10-F-297, and TDR10-F-297 tags.

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