Wildlife Computers Unveils the Future of SPLASH

SPLASH-F-391The SPLASH tags are entering a new era, including a new name – we’re getting rid of the “10” to differentiate between our current models and our new ones. As we upgrade our shapes with the new software, you may still see SPLASH10 tags.

Our updated SPLASH tags incorporate researchers’ input from the last decade to produce a tag with model-ready temperature profiles and better yet, fully integrated with the Wildlife Computers Data Portal.

The new line of SPLASH tags offers greater configuration flexibility, improved temperature profiles, and improved data throughput.  The SPLASH-F (Fastloc®) tags are data-archiving, satellite-transmitting tags that researchers can use for fine-scale movement studies on diving animals such as cetaceans, sea turtles, and pinnipeds as well as for studies involving oceanographic research. The SPLASH-F-391 is the first tag being announced in the line.

The SPLASH-F-391 offers a myriad of features and data products. Learn more about the tag here.

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