Newsletter December 2018

Happy Holidays from Wildlife Computers

Thank you for a great year! Our office will be closed from December 19 until January 3.

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Data Portal Updates

Over the last couple of months, we’ve made new updates that make it easier to view data and test your tags.

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Using GPE3 to Improve Geolocation

GPE3 provides light-based geolocation estimates of movements from the light data collected by our tags.

Learn more about the key benefits of using this statistically robust tool.

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Research & News

Early Adopter Program Extended

Due to the success of the EAP for Rainier-S20 tags, we are extending the program.

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Recent Research

Recent Research

Our customers do amazing things including research on incredible animals using our tags. We’ve gathered all the recent research utilizing Wildlife Computers technology.

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Argos Satellite

ArgosForum #85

We attended the Argos Forum over Thanksgiving. Many noteworthy projects were highlighted and updates on the new Argos launch were given.

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Whale Shark

New Whale Shark Study

Wildlife Computers SPOT tags were at the center of a recent study of whale sharks in the Philippines. 17 sharks were tagged and studied to gain insight into this incredible animal.

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Sharks Hot Tubs

Sharks Like Hot Tubs?

According to recent research from the University of Washington, Great White Sharks are partial to hot tubs too.

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Avian Tags Show Incredible Data

Two White-backed vultures tagged by Andre Botha in June 2017 are still going strong and showing some interesting tracks.

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Penguin Under Water

Tips from the Experts

Did you know your tags need exercise? Our experts walk you through the steps of keeping your tags in Stop mode while in storage.

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Upcoming Events

We are on the road throughout the year. Stop by or find us to see what’s new.

  • Alaska Marine Science Symposium
  • International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS)

If you don’t see us on the road, connect with us online!

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