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Redmond Office Closure

Our Redmond facility is closed for two weeks due to a statewide closure of non-essential businesses.

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Wildlife Computers Data Portal

New Portal Update Improves Location Accuracy for Fastloc® Users

Our new process limits the number of outliers in your data to provide a noticeable improvement in locations.

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SPOT-395 Showing Results

We introduced our “teenage” turtle tag a few months ago and are starting to see exceptional results. Learn more about some cool deployments in Israel and Australia.

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Research & News

Implications of Tag Positioning and Performance on the Analysis of Cetacean Movement

Learn more about how tag placement affects tag performance.

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Recent Research

Recent Research

Our customers do amazing things including research on incredible animals using our tags. We’ve gathered all the recent research utilizing Wildlife Computers technology.

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North Atlantic Blue Whale Study

This new study shows some cool data on the diving patterns of blue whales.

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Where is Yoshi?

Where is Yoshi?

Follow the story of Yoshi, the loggerhead sea turte who is travelling the ocean blue after a near-fatal injury.

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Loggerhead Diving Behavior

Scientists used two different Wildlife Computers SPLASH tags to gather baseline information on diving in relation to temperature and productivity in Loggerhead sea turtles.

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Thresher Shark Study

Post-release Survivorship of Bigeye Thresher Sharks

Researchers used Wildlife Computers sPAT and MiniPAT tags to study survivorship of released bigeye thresher shark.

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Black Caiman

The Dark Side of the Black Caiman

A study, the first of its kind, showed research on dietary ecology and movement of the black caiman.

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Elephant Seals

An Approach for Detecting Drift Dives and Tracking Buoyancy Changes in Southern Elephant Seals

Researchers studied over 17,622 high-resolution dive profiles from Wildlife Computers tags to detect drift dives and buoyancy changes in southern elephant seals.

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Behavioral Responses of Satellite Tracked Blainville's Beaked Whales to Mid-frequency Active Sonar

Behavioral Responses of Satellite Tracked Blainville’s Beaked Whales to Mid-frequency Active Sonar

One of the largest samples of beaked whales were tracked using Wildlife Computers SPOT-240 and SPLASH10 tags. The data showed that the whales moved away from the sonar area and changed their diving behavior.

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Blue Sharks

Seasonal Spatial Segregation in Blue Sharks

54 blue sharks were tagged with Wildlife Computers SPOT tags between 2004-2012. The research showed some interestering data.

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Tips from the Experts

Step Lock can help save a tag’s battery life especially when the tag will always be wet and collecting data.

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