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Wildlife Computers Releases New Tags

Wildlife Computers recently released two new types of tags—Benthic sPAT and LIMPET.

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New Tags from Wildlife Computers

Determine Biofouling Through Data

If your tag’s performance isn’t what it used to be, check the data to see if it is biofouling.

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Research & News

Wildlife Computers Tags Tracking Turtles in Kyparissia Bay

Read about Archelon’s tagging project in the Kyparissia Bay.

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Recent Research

Recent Research

Our customers do amazing things including research on incredible animals using our tags. We’ve gathered all the recent research utilizing Wildlife Computers technology.

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Cod with a MiniPAT

NOAA and Savoonga Track Cod Using MiniPATs

Wildlife Computers MiniPAT tags are tracking cod in the Bering Sea.

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SPOT-253 on Manta

SPOT-253 Tags Tracking Juvenile Manta Rays

Researchers may have discovered a giant manta ray nursery. Now they are tacking them using tags to learn more.

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Ketih Poe recovers a MiniPAT

Recovering a MiniPAT

Check out the recovery of a MiniPAT in open water.

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Ph.D. student Lela Schlenker

MiniPAT Tracking Mahi-Mahi

RECOVER is closing another successful tagging trip.

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